Well I’m not a huge fan of politics–I don’t think I understand any bit of it, and I usually don’t like to talk about it. HOWEVER, in this relatively safe and intellectual place, I would like to shout out IT’S TOO MUCH, GUYS.

First, my current coordinate is Stanford, CA, sitting at the heart of the Silicon Valley. During the last 24 hours, my Facebook feed and Quora feed have been flooded by anti-Trump discussions. As the poll came to the end, A HUUUGE PROPORTION of my feed basically started attacking the poor Trump supporters, equating them to the shameless people who don’t care about women, LGBT, other races, etc. I bet among all the Trump supporters, there are people who are shameless and who don’t care about women, LGBT, other races, etc, but I don’t believe that we can’t find one such person who also support Clinton.

I come from a country that is considered by most of the Americans (I think Westerners in general) the most centralized. In my freshmen year thinking matters class the Rules of Wars,  I got this feeling that Americans value the freedom of speech and equal rights so much that they can’t tolerate seeing a single outlier. Not even in another country, from a different culture. OKAY. But what is freedom of speech? You have to admit that people can hold different political opinions, right? There is left and there is right, but there should be no absolute right and wrong, especially if we look at people’s opinions on a variety of things. Moreover, you have to understand that supporting one person doesn’t mean accepting his/her system of philosophy. It might be simply agreeing with one in some areas that you think are more urgent than others.

From my experience on public opinions, I think the Chinese intellectuals on Zhihu have been much more rational than the American intellectuals on Quora. People on Zhihu have recognized that politics is not just about politically right. And the fact that Trump is able to even stand on this stage is indicating 1-the US (Election) system is working well 2-the US (economic) system is not working so well. Also the fact that benefits are more directly related to people than idealism in politics.

If you are also with her, please don’t do the stupid thing as attacking those with a different opinion. Those posts I’ve seen just look like a serious parent scolding their teenager kids. They are not trying to understand. They judge. We have 50% siding with her and 50% with him. If you think LGBT and women and minorities should be treated equal, why would you want to degrade the other half of the population? And throw them into the bin of ‘the less educated people’? And look down upon the less educated population?




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