Impressive! Kengo Kuma and Frank Gehry

I’m taking a CEE class: Accessing Architecture Through Drawing because I like drawing + strolling around outside + my bff is studying architecture.

I’ve recently found my favorite architect: Kengo Kuma. I like his focus of fitting architecture into the surrounding environment. And his style is very Japanese (East Asian), and I like this cultural aspect of his works.

Just to give you an idea of his style:

Certainly not as impressive as Tadao Ando’s works such as the Church of Light, but I appreciate the modesty + sereneness in Kengo Kuma’s works.

My second fav: Frank Gehry.

I guess he’s not my favorite only because I’m a little biased towards the East Asian aesthetics. I remember hearing that he did a lot of designs for shopping centers, so many of his works such as the Disney Concert Hall have structures similar to shopping centers. Anyways, he’s really imaginative and talented!


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